Here at Tipz n Toez we use the revolutionary nail polish that is Gel Polish. The Gel Polish comes in an array of colours from pastels to brights. (we have over 250 unique colours to choose from) We also stock many coloured glitters and the heat colour changing Gels. We work with many brands from Gelish, Shelac and O.P.I and are confident that we will have any colour you are looking for, be it everyday wear or to match that special outfit!

One of the main selling points for Gel polish is that it is dry immediately, no waiting around and no accidentally smudging it and the Gel polish will also stay bright and shiny for the duration of the time it’s on no dulling or fading of colour like some ordinary varnishes sometimes do.

The Gel Polish applies just like normal nail varnish but is cured in a UV lamp just like the gel nail extension system. Gel Polish can last on natural nails for approximately up to 14 days, however if you follow the aftercare correctly you should see the gel polish last at least 2-3 weeks.

Although the Gel polish is not promoted to make the natural nails stronger it does prevent the natural nail from breaking as easily when you have ordinary varnish on them as once dry the Gel polish is still flexible and bends with the natural nail if you catch it awkwardly.
Gel Polish is most suited to natural healthy nails, so if you feel your nails might be too soft or brittle for Gel Polish (which could cause chipping) why not try our natural nail wraps that sits as a thin overlay over the top of your natural nails which strengthen and lengthen if needed (due to cracked or broken nails) and are 100% porous so the natural nail can still breath. This in turn will keep the Gel Polish looking as new for up to 3 weeks without chipping until your due for infills/maintenance.

As the gel polish is cured by U V light it will not come off with ordinary nail polish remover, so as to not damage your nails like filing or picking the Gel polish off would, we soak them in acetone which gently melts the polish off and then we buff to smooth over natural nail and apply strengthener.

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