This week, we caught up with our Advanced Aesthetics Therapist and Tonbridge branch manager, Bryonie. Over a socially distanced cuppa, we asked her a few questions about her incredible beauty career…

  1. When did you first become interested in a career in beauty and why?

I first started heading down the creative route and studied art & design, however, I was always interested in beauty treatments. After completing art & design, I then studied level 2 & 3 beauty therapy and combined both to move into aesthetic treatments. Beauty aesthetics are an artform, after all!

2. When and where did you first start working in beauty?

From the age of 15, I started doing treatments for friends and family with treatments such as makeovers and eyelash tints. At 17, this progressed into a mobile business and I began offering more services and travelling to clients’ houses.

As soon as I had completed level 3 beauty therapy I started working in a clinic in Bromley. This is where I started my journey in level 4 beauty & aesthetics. Learning and practising treatments such as mesotherapy, laser hair removal and microneedling. I also assisted a doctor at the clinic who performed treatments such as dermal fillers, PDO threads and anti-wrinkle injections. This inspired me to start my training in level 5 & 7 aesthetics.

  1. How did you progress to your current position?

I’m always keeping one eye on the future by training in new treatments and updating my current knowledge. Because of this, I can offer treatments suitable for everyone and train my staff to keep up to date with the latest beauty trends. As I can offer such a large variety of treatments and promote to a wide audience, we have been able to expand our clinics to new areas. 

  1. What is the most challenging part of your job role?

Like most beauty therapists, I’m a perfectionist! When you learn a new treatment, it can be easy to beat yourself up when you’re not ‘perfect’ on the first go in training. However, I’ve come to learn that all it takes is patience and practice! Don’t be too hard on yourself, before you know it you’ll be treating clients in no-time!

  1. What do you love the most about your job?

What I love most about my job is being creative and making my clients happy. I love being able to help customers build their confidence. I’m also a bit of a nerd and love the science behind the aesthetics.

  1. What would your top tip be for budding beauticians?

My top tip would be to not give up and always be looking to expand your knowledge. I have always believed that you can never know too much so the more you practice and improve your knowledge, the better you will be at advising the best for your clients. However, this does take time and plenty of practice so don’t give up 😊

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