Advanced Facial Treatments


Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that gently scrapes off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complextion. Dermaplaning treatments are recommended every 4 weeks, this treatment is loved by celebrities due to the flawless canvas it gives the skin due to the high definition cameras picking up everything, in fact dermatologists often use dermaplaning to help prepare skin for more intrusive procedures such as chemical peels of microneedling. The vellus hair removed does NOT grow back thicker.


55 Minutes    £40.00


Microneedling is the next big thing to hit the aesthetics industry. This is an effective anti-ageing facial that reduces the signs of wrinkles and facial sag, promoting blood circulation and new collagen production, used with hyalurronic acid serum to make skin more supple and firm skin tone. This treatment also includes the new 24k Gold Collagen mask to finish off, leaving skin feeling refreshed and youthful. A microneedling treatment is carried out by finely piercing the skin in many areas, by a device known as a derma roller or derma stamp.



30 Minutes   £30.00  

(Includes Products for future treatments)


Microneedling Treatment

55 Minutes   £50.00


Deluxe Collagen Therapy Facial

85 Minutes   £75.00

(Includes Dermaplaning and Microneedling)


Facial Skin Peel

Milk Peels are a gentle alternative to the traditional chemical peel. Using glycolic, lactic and salicyclic acid they are a quick and comfortable treatment with no recover time. The milk peel can be used to treat acne, enlarged pores, dull and dry skin, wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. This is a great treatment to have as it is quick, deep exfoliation treatment and compliments other treatments like dermaplaning or can be part of a bespoke skin care programme for you.

55 Minutes   £40.00

BB Glow Facial

BB Glow is one of the newest trends in the beauty industry. With this treatment you can achieve glowing, radient, even skin tone and flawless complexion for up to 4 months by having 3-4 sessions at 2 week intervals.

This is a safe and intense skin treatment that can help with the reduction in appearance of acne scarring, freckles and un-even skin tones whilst improving the pores and unclogging them, leaving the skin glowing and brighter with the apperance of a BB cream application.

The effect is lighter than a foundation coverage, more like a tinted moisturizer, with 5 different pigment shades to choose from.


55 Minutes   £75.00

Package of 4 treatments   £250.00


The quest for skin that is “lit from within” glow is never ending, however we think we have found the key! Mesotherapy tightens and rejuvenates your skin using multivitamin meso cocktails (5 to choose from) deposited into the Dermal/Epidermis gateway with a hand held device not a derma roller so covering a larger area quicker and pain free. This treatment addresses skin problems such as pigmentation, fine lines/wrinkles, acne and acne scarring.


55 Minutes    £60.00

Plasma Fibroblast – Accor Pen

This revolutionary skin tightening gives you outstanding results which you would only normally expect after surgery, but with this treatment ther are NO scalpels involved!

The A|C|C|O|R Cosmetic Corrector Plasma Pen is one of the latest generation in cosmetic devices. In the past the problematic areas (listed below) have been treated with dermabrasion, deep chemical peels and carbon dioxide laser resurfacing, however this is a non-invasive treatment using Plasma, which is a burst of thermal energy using a low frequency technology that vapourises the surface layers of the skin tissue in a small shot to create a tightening and rejuvenating  effect.

Suitable for:

  • Eyelid / Under Eye Skin Tightening
  • Frown Lines / Furrows
  • Age Spot / Mole Removal / Cherry Angioma Removal
  • Skin Tag Removal / Small Scar Resurfacing / Stretch Marks
  • Small Tatoo Removal / SPMU Correction
  • Sagging Skin along Jaw and Neck
  • Nasolabia Folds / Lip and Mouth Wrinkles
  • Problematic Skin Resurfacing



Patch Test and Consultation   (Includes Products for the following treatment)

30 Minutes    £30.00


Skin Tightening – Eye Area

Upper Eyelid Lift   £300.00

Top Up If Requires   £150.00

Lower Eye Lift   £250.00

Top Up If Required   £125.00

Crows Feet and Side Block   £200.00

Top Up If Required    £100


Skin Tightening – Forehead Area

Frown Lines (Vertical)   £175.00

Glabella (Horizontal)    £175.00


Skin Tightening – Lower Face

Nasolabial Folds   £200.00

Top Up If Required   £100.00

Lip and Mouth Including Corner Wrinkles   £400.00

Top Up If Required   £200.00

Chin and Jaw Lift   £300.00

Top Up If Required   £150.00

Cheek and Jowls   £300.00

Top Up If Required    £150.00


Soft Face Lift

Upper 1/3 Soft Face Lift  (3 Areas)   £550.00

Lower 1/3 Soft Face Lift (3 Areas)    £700.00


Plasma Shower – Skin Resurfacing

1 x Treatment   £150.00

2 x Treatments   £200.00


Standard Treatments

Skin Tag Removal    £25.00 each or 10 for £200.00

Age Spot Removal    £25.00 each or 10 for £200.00

Mole Removal    £50.00 each

Verruca or Wart   £50.00 each


Body Skin Tightening

Neck and Jowl   £800.00

Hands    £300.00

Decolatage    Prices from £800.00

Stomach    Prices from £800.00

Upper Arms   Prices from £800.00

Knees   Prices from £500.00

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