BB Glow Facial

BB Glow Facial is one of the newest trends in the beauty industry.This is a safe and intensive skin treatment that can help with the reduction in appearance of acne scarring, freckles and un-even skin tones whilst improving the pores by unclogging them, leaving the skin glowing and brighter with the appearance of a bb cream application.



With this treatment you can achieve glowing, radiant even skin tone complexion for up to 4 months by having 3 – 4 sessions, at 2-week intervals.

The effect is lighter than a foundation coverage but thicker than a tinted moisturiser, with 5 different pigment shades and 5 different meso cocktails to choose from that will help with improvement of the skin at the same time.

BB Glow Facial 1 x Treatment  – 55 Mins                                  £99.00

Package of 4 Treatments                                                             £300.00


BB Glow facial

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