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#BackToBeauty Highlights

We are so happy to finally be #BackToBeauty. We are loving every minute of serving our wonderful customers + helping you feel confident and beautiful!   We have so many highlights, it's hard to pick our favourite moments. We spoke to our teams in Paddock Wood and...

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Treat Yourself…

  Let's get you #BackToBeauty today! This week is your last chance to take advantage of our amazing offers. Here's a quick re-cap: 1. Book a facial treatment and massage together and receive 10% off products at Hampson Beauty Supplies. 2. Book a one-off nail or brow...

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What is Super Hair Removal?

Super Hair Removal (S.H.R) is a revolutionary technique used to remove unwanted hair in specific areas and prevent hair re-growth. Using the most up-to-date technology, this treatment gently heats up the hair follicle, causing just enough damage to deter future hair...

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What Is An Ice Globe Facial?

  This facial treatment is short but effective. It can be added to any of our full facial treatments for just £15.00! But how exactly does it work? Ice Globe Facials are the latest addition to Cryotherapy Family. Cryotherapy refers to the use of extremely cold...

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What Is My Skin Type?

  Everyone’s skin is unique.   However, certain products and weather conditions can trigger different reactions. To keep your skin healthy and nourished, it is important to know which skin type you match with.   This can help you determine which...

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What is a Galvanic Facial?

The Galvanic Facial is a new treatment now available at Hampson Beauty Clinics. Its name originates from the term ‘galvanism’ discovered by Luigi Galvani, referring to the therapeutic use of electric currents.   This facial uses medium-amperage direct currents to...

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Spring Nail Trends

It’s not long until we re-open. We can’t wait to see you all again! But now it's time to make the hardest decision of all… What nails do I get?! 😩 Let us help a girl out… These are the styles we're crushing on right now.  Follow us on Instagram + get screenshotting...

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