Brush On Builder Gel

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builder in a bottle

Brush on Builder Gel is a soak-off gel that is harder than regular gel polish. “Brush on Builder Gel”, is a range of soak-off gel builders ideal for creating strong overlays and as a strengthening barrier for natural nails.

In terms of appearance, you can expect a smooth, plump, strongly-shaped nail, in a limited range of colours. Brush on Builder Gel usually comes in clear or cover colours like pink. But if you are a gel manicure fan you can actually combine the two. “A gel nail colour can be painted directly on top of B.O.B.G or you can make the most of our Brush on Builder Gel shade range and simply top coat for beautiful nude nails.

As for the million-dollar question, how long does the Brush on Builder Gel last? Experts agree that up to four weeks is the industry standard, although they can last longer. If you want to extend the life of the Brush on Builder Gel, you can have an appointment for an infill of the regrowth, which is actually one of the key benefits for nail health. “Since the product can be infilled, it reduces damage to the natural nail caused by removing gel polish.


Regular Pedicure – £35.00

Luxury Pedicure – £45.00

Regular Manicure –  £30.00

Luxury Manicure –  £35.00



Brush on Builder Gel

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