Henna Brows

The Hot New Brow trend – Henna Brow treatments are a fabulous treatment that we offer our clients who want more defined or dramatic brows without the use of chemicals to develop the colour. The trend for bold and beautiful brows is going nowhere, making henna brows a very popular treatment.

It’s much more than just eyebrow shaping…
Eyebrows are as individual as fingerprints, and our tailored procedure transforms even the most unruly, sparse or over-plucked brows into perfect arches to suit the clients face. Taking between 45 – 60 minutes, the Henna Brows experience includes Henna, waxing, tweezing and threading, with our therapists using a specially designed formula to give you perfectly defined brows.

Using a combination of skills, from preparation and personal consultation to custom blending, designing, creating and tailoring the shape as well as customised aftercare, our therapists can transform a face to such an extent that the effect has been likened to a mini face lift. Even if you have sparse areas, hope is not lost! Our expert therapists will work with you on a re-growth programme to achieve the perfect brows for you. 

At Tipz N Toez we use the renowned Dyotics Henna Pigments that usually last up to 2 weeks on the skin and 3-4 weeks on brow hair.

Henna Brows         £25.00
Treatment time: 45 – 60 minutes

Henna Brows

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