All treatments require a minimum of £10 deposit on booking. Should you cancel/reschedule more than 48 hours prior to your booking date the value of your deposit will be added to your account for use on future treatments. Should you cancel after 48 hours your deposit will be retained

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What are the benefits of Lava Shell Massage

  • Deep Therapeutic Relief
  • Eco-friendly and Recycled
  • Continuous Touch Time
  • Enhanced Relaxation
  • Stress and Tension Reduction
  • Unique Shape and Angles
  • Uninterrupted Connection
  • Exceptional Well-being

Experience the Pioneering Lava Shell Massage

Introducing the world’s first self-heating massage tool – Lava Shells. These extraordinary shells are crafted from 100% recycled, natural Tiger Clam shells, making them an eco-conscious choice that complements their exceptional therapeutic benefits.

Lava Shells redefine the massage experience with their unique shape and angles, seamlessly becoming an extension of our therapist’s skilled hands. This innovation allows for a continuous touch time, delivering profound therapeutic relief exactly where you need it.

The result is a deeply relaxing treatment that transcends the ordinary. With Lava Shells, you, our cherished client, are treated to an uninterrupted connection and an unparalleled sense of well-being, as these shells work their magic to release tension and stress.


Lava Shell Massage FULL BODY – 60 minutes – £55.00

Lava shell massage

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