Express Prospa lash lifting kit – full kit – EU compliant

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This kit has been specially manufactured to create amazing, long lasting results; whilst cutting down the standard lash lift and tint treatment time!

Similarly to a traditional lash perm, Prospa Lash Lift Express curls the natural lashes at the root. Creating a change in direction of hair growth and the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. in addition the lash tint creates a mascara-style effect.

The treatment takes just 30 minutes with our Prospa Express Lash Lift Kit and the effects are instant and last from six-eight weeks.

Above all the solutions are air tight, easy to use twist pens which therefore save product wastage and becoming oxygenated so the first treatment is as good as the last and you only use what you need too!

The twist pens have game changing silicone applicators already attached making it fast and easy to apply!

– Our Prospa lifting lotion only has to be on the lashes for just 5 minutes! This lotion works by breaking down the bonds changing the direction of hair growth.  Crunching down the initial treatment time with amazing results.  Easy to apply and remove. sealed in an air tight applicator.

Prospa fixing lotion has been specially manufactured to work as a tint developer as well as a fixing lotion! This product fixes those bonds and lashes into place.

Prospa Repair and rescue serum Is perfect for conditioning the natural lashes. The oils help break down the Prospa bonding gel. The rubber applicator  makes it easy to remove the eye shields by sliding underneath.

Prospa bonding gel is used to apply the eye shields and secure the eyelashes into place.

Prospa Blue/black tint has a smooth formula. Use the rubber applicator to easily apply over the Prospa fixing lotion after being on for 2 minutes. once the tint has been applied leave on for an additional 8 minutes. A little goes a long way!

Prospa Plastic comb tool is used along side the Prospa bonding gel to comb the lashes into place and make sure they are straight.

Prospa Rainbow lash lift tool is a double ended tool. used to also apply lashes onto the shields and can be a little more precise in making each lash completely straight and kink free. The comb end is perfect for coming through the lashes once the treatment has finished to make sure they are all completely separated.

Lint free applicators. It is professionally advised to use these to remove each product. Cotton buds have fine fibres of cotton which could potentially moult and adhere to your clients eye. As the material is so fine it can be a problem to remove. Micro brushes have are very petite creating more time to remove each serum.

Prospa cleansing protein pads are the perfect tool when it comes to prepping eyelashes. Active ingredients will break down and remove cosmetics, oil and the lashes’ own protein protection, allowing for a long lasting bond. One tub contains 75 pre-moistened cleaning pads.

– Comfortable Prospa under eye pads to keep your clients bottom lashes completely protected and out of the way during an eyelash treatment. Importantly they  keep the clients eyes cooled and refreshed throughout treatment.

A little bit about us: 

Prospa beauty supplies is an up and coming leading supplier to beauty professionals, providing a selection of tried and tested branded products to salons, spas and businesses all over the world. We use our experience and Knowledge to provide our customers with the latest innovations, exclusive brands and exceptional service. With over a combined 75 years of beauty experience we cater to every customers need; Aiming to support many beauty professionals. Prospa Beauty is affiliated with the well-established online beauty course provider

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Express Prospa lash lifting kit includes:

Add Prospa express lash lifting kit to your beauty routine.

DO NOT use twice in less than four weeks! – if you do your eyelashes can become damaged.

cleanse the lashes – using prospa cleansing wipes

Stick the under eye pad just below the water line to cover your bottom lashes.

Measure your lash shield to your eyelid/lashes.

apply using bonding gel.

use your metal tool and bonding gel to apply small sections of your lashes to the lash shield making sure they are straight.

apply the lifting lotion and leave on for five minutes.

remove using lint free applicators (NOT COTTON BUDS).

apply the fixing lotion for 2 minutes.

add the tint on top of the fixing lotion for an additional 8 minutes.

remove using lint free applicators.

apply repair rescue lotion and leave on for one minute. The lashes will gently come away from the shield.

use your repair rescue and a lint free applicator to remove any lashes that remain attached to the shield.

take the lint free applicator and in twisting motions bring it under the shield to gently remove.

cleanse again using cleansing pads.

comb through using the other end of your metal lash lift tool.

If you need to re-supply on Single items from our lash lifting kit you can through our webpage:

Only £99.99
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